How To Get Your Child Into Modeling?

Flipping through the newspapers and magazines, looking at some print advertisements or brochures and fixing your gaze at the television screen during a commercial, there they are, small young kids with wide eyes modeling for a particular company. You are wondering that in fact, your child is cuter and you do not see why your child is inferior compared to them. Then you start to ponder how to get your child into these agencies and become a star just like those that you have seen. Fret not because this article will tell you how.

1) Get your child’s picture and email it to the modeling agencies

When it comes to modeling, the physical appearance is always the first thing to look out for, everything else is secondary. If your child looks good both in real life and on screen, chances are, your child has a good chance of being selected. So what better way to let the modeling agencies know about your child than simply emailing a picture of your child to the agencies. You can do some quick search and see what are the various agencies available, afterwards, simply email them and state that you have an interest in letting your child to be their model. Wait patiently for their reply and see what they tell you. Most of the time, they will want more information about your child, personal details and experience in modeling are usually needed. After a few emails, if the agencies think that your child has the potential, they will request you to bring your child to their place for a short interview. The interview will likely take only about half an hour, during the interview, it will be an opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you are curious about. If there are more than one agency interested, good for you because you can evaluate and consider your options before choosing one.

2) Get your child ready

There can be endless thoughts about how your child will become famous and how your child will be a future modeling star in this giant industry. But did you ask whether your child want it? Most of the time, the child becomes a model to meet the parent’s expectations and dreams because they are too young to voice out their opinion or afraid that he or she will not get his or her favourite toy if expectations were not met. So the point is, if your child can speak and is already old enough to say yes or no, do ask for their opinion. Tell them about the whole situation in their language, get them to at least know a little about what they will be doing, so that you can at least get them mentally prepared for what is to come. If they are reluctant before or during the whole process, do not force them or push them further, stop everything and respect their decision. Of course, if your child is more than glad to be in the spotlight, groom them and teach them etiquettes before interviews, so that they can perform better and stand out amongst other aspiring child models.

3) Other methods to get your child noticed

Some of these agencies send scouters out to streets daily to look for new talents, you might want to bring your child out to the places that they are scouting to increase the chances of being scouted. After being scouted, you will be given a call to ask you and your child down for an interview. Otherwise, some agencies accept walk-in customers, so you can simply bring your child down to their office for an interview on the same day.

To sum things up, it will be relatively easy for you to approach a modeling agency, as long as you find the right one, because which agency does not want new faces right? However, the real challenge is getting selected by the agency and shortlisted by clients, so do not be afraid of rejection during the course, because every client is different, each with different needs. Do not feel dejected, keep trying and you never know. Hope this article has helped you lay the path towards fame and success for you and your child.

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7 Actors Who Played a Memorable Attorney on the Big Screen

Hollywood and lawyers have gone together like two peas in a pod since the very inception of motion pictures. In an industry built on fantasy and unlimited imagination, playing an attorney in a well-written film can be the direct route to big recognition in an actor’s career. From Atticus Finch to Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, those portraying legal advocates have given us some of the most memorable characters in Hollywood history. Among all the many examples, these top seven thespians provided us with some of the most unforgettable performances in the courtroom.

1. Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch

No one can forget Gregory Peck’s portrayal of attorney Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Admirable father to Scout and Jem, Atticus Finch uses his legal prowess to fight against racial injustice in Depression-era Alabama. His defense of African-American Tom Robinson, who was wrongfully accused of rape, stands the test of time as one of the top courtroom performances ever.

2. Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini

As an unsuccessful and frustrated attorney in “My Cousin Vinny,” Joe Pesci’s comical portrayal of Vincent “Vinny” Gambini earned this film a cult following. Vinny pulls off an unimaginable courtroom victory when he successfully represents his cousin after he and his friend are arrested for murder during a brief stop at a convenience store in a rural Alabama town.

3. Tom Hanks as Andrew Beckett

As one of the first top-tier Hollywood films to acknowledge HIV/AIDS and homosexuality, “Philadelphia” features Tom Hanks as Andrew Beckett, an Ivy-League graduate and gay attorney who claims his law firm fired him after finding out he had AIDS. As an honorable mention in this film, Denzel Washington plays a solo personal injury practitioner who takes the case when no one else will.

4. Harrison Ford as Rusty Sabich

Harrison Ford knocks it out of the park with his portrayal of Rusty Sabich, a top prosecutor in “Presumed Innocent.” Sabich is accused of murder after his colleague and lover is found dead. The film is well-known for its surprising dark twist that shouldn’t be spoiled for any potential first-time viewers.

5. Tom Cruise as Lt. Daniel Kaffee

You’ve probably seen “A Few Good Men” countless times, but somehow it never gets old watching Jack Nicholson yell at Tom Cruise about how well he can handle the truth. Cruise stars as inexperienced, yet impressive U.S. Navy litigator Lt. Daniel Kaffee in this flick with its gripping final courtroom scene.

6. Richard Gere as Billy Flynn

A movie generally thought of for its tap dancing rather than its courtroom drama, “Chicago” nonetheless highlights Richard Gere’s impressive performance as a less than reputable attorney. This film, based on the Broadway play, revolves around murderous celebrities who turn their notoriety into a successful vaudeville act.

7. John Travolta as Jan Schlichtmann

In “A Civil Action,” based on real-life events, John Travolta brings a complex legal battle to the silver screen with his role as Jan Schlichtmann, a small-firm plaintiffs lawyer. Schlichtmann embarks on a David vs. Goliath quest by going after two big corporations that he believes are at fault for the deaths of eight neighborhood kids who were all diagnosed with leukemia.

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Here’s How You Can Get Branding Videos for Your Business

Thanks to the social media and viral world, most of the brands and businesses are now willing to invest in aggressive marketing. Over the years, video marketing has emerged as one of the best tools for promotion and marketing, and there is a need to think beyond the box to create more engaging and genuinely appealing content. What does it take to make the right videos for your business? In this post, we will talk of these aspects along with some of the crucial elements that matter the most in choosing a service.

Understand Your Customers and Audience:

Video marketing isn’t just about producing content. It is also about finding an anchor with the audience, and for that, you have to understand the expectations of the target public and find a balance between those expectations and business goals. This may seem easy, but more often than not, it requires a lot of planning. Take your time to talk to the marketing team, find the right ways to create a plan, and as you make one, you have to find a few ideas to take the plans to the next level. It is wise to find a niche that can be appealing but competitive at the same time. After all, you have to prove things to the audience while also dealing with the competition.

Find the Right Company:

There are many commercial video production companies that can help you with content, but it is essential to find the right one. It is important to understand that video production is not just about creating content. There is a very important need to communicate ideas in the right way, and at the same time, it cannot be something within the box. In short, you don’t want to repeat the brand goals time and again with the same kind of videos. It is more of a balanced way of achieving the goals, by inclining the business objectives with client expectations. If you are new to this, the best way to judge a service is to check with the concerned companies. Find out the kind of work they have done so far, and most of the known services won’t even think twice before offering clientage details or references. This will just help in creating a good rapport from the start.

Once you have found a service that can engage your audience, you have to plan brand video content in a phased manner. Do note that branding with video can include promotional stuff, in-house content, and other kinds of videos, and therefore, you might to make a complete deal with them. Take a quote in advance, so that you know what clients are looking for, and if you have any questions, don’t miss on asking them to the concerned provider. Video production requires time and genuine creative effort, and with a right company, you can always be assured of great work. Just take your time to evaluate the budgets and expenses, and you should have a rocking marketing campaign.

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Five of Classic TV’s Most Memorable Food Markets

Going into a store and hand-picking the items you want are mundane acts we perform weekly, if not daily. That freedom, now taken for granted, is a relatively new concept.

Shoppers did not have that option until exactly one hundred years ago, when the first self-serve grocery store opened in Memphis, Tennessee in September of 1916. Before that, customers had to request their items from a clerk.

Since then, grocery stores not only expect their shoppers to pick their own items, but also offer lanes for them to self-scan without having to interact with a single employee. The latter concept has still not caught on with most folks, who still prefer the human contact during the transaction.

That human contact is what makes some grocery stores a part of the settings of classic television shows, from back in the days of the town general store to the modern phenomenon of the convenience store. Here are five famous places where TV sitcom characters regularly purchase their groceries, and the shows on which they are found.

Olsen’s from Little House on the Prairie

Nels (played by Richard Bull), father of the mischievous Willie and snobbish Nellie, is the proprietor of the only place in Walnut Grove, Minnesota where Charles Ingalls (played by Michael Landon) and his family can get groceries.

Godsey’s General Store from The Waltons

Ike Godsey (played by Joe Conley) for the first few seasons ran the store by himself, but wife Cora Beth joined the cast for the rest of the show’s lengthy run.

Quik-E Mart from The Simpsons

His products are overpriced and his hot dogs are often past the sale date, but Apu serves as one of Springfield’s great characters. He is the father of octuplets, enjoyed a brief but sensational career as a lead singer, and was even selected as the town’s most desirable bachelor.

Ferguson‘s from All in the Family

In an episode called “Archie Eats and Runs” viewers first learned of Edith’s favorite grocery store, which she feared may have sold her the poisoned mushrooms that Archie may have eaten. In a later episode, she has a minor car accident in the parking lot of that same establishment.

Drucker’s from Green Acres

The store in Hooterville is named for Sam Drucker (played by Frank Cady) and also is featured in Petticoat Junction, where Uncle Joe frequently helps himself to the apples or any other merchandise that happens to appeal to his rather large appetite.

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